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The rise and fall of Tebow

Happy New Year to you all. My apologies for the extended blogging break – no real excuses but hope to return with a minimum of 1 post a week in 2012.


Through my absence Tim Tebow has risen to new heights and brought the NFL with him. His raw playing style, his work ethic, his emotion, and his overtly Christian nature make him appealing to most people, (provided your team isn’t playing him at the time). The Tebow bandwagon has been rolling with big media hype in North America and gradually spreading to the NFL-ites over here.


The NFLuk biweekly podcast frequently debates about whether their are driving the Tebow bus, it is all over social media especially Youtube and Facebook, you criticise Tebow on twitter at your peril, and I have even have pupils in school doing “a Tebow” in the playground. I used the numerous simplistic arguments in the american media about whether God answered Tebow’s prayers last week in my A2 Philosophy of Religion lesson to debate Omnipotence,  Omniscience and Free Will and the example really helped the class.


For me the real evidence of his influence came early this morning.  I had watched the 1st half of Saints vs 49′ers game and then Sky+ the rest of that game and the Broncos vs New England game. I then intended to watch the games whilst doing the housework today. This morning I went to read the blogs in my feedreader – I avoided the news blogs, I avoided twitter and facebook all to try and not learn the result. Unfortunately, it was all in vain. The result was led on by not one, but two religious blogs I read. Such is the way off things.


Tebow’s run for this year is at an end, however, as one of my A2 pupils pointed out “whether God answers his prayers or not doesn’t really matter, what he has done is make it easier for those in the public eye to show their faith, and he will get rewarded for that in the end”.


I wish him luck with that in the furture, but for now Tom Brady and the Patriots rumble on. Following on from the awesome Saints vs 49′ers game the Patriots win, whilst pleasing for this Pats fan, was a bit underwhelming. But roll on Houston or Baltimore – both of whom have me very worried.


Two Religious Blogs who mentioned Tim Tebow this week, and are very good reads are Deacon’s Bench and WDTPRS. Deacon Greg and Fr Z write some really good stuff on there.

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